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Dear friends,

     we would like to announce that The Czech Zither Culture Centre has been opened in Ostrava this year. It is still situated in the same building as “Citerarium” museum before at Masarykovo náměstí 20, 702 00 Ostrava 1, telephone/fax number: 00420596113096, email: info@citera.cz. The Czech Zither Culture Centre has been founded by “Radegast” zither club and Jan and Eliška Folprechtovi. It has also been granted support of the regional authority of Moravia-Silesia county.

     The main task of the zither centre is to continue in presenting and spreading the word about the permanent exhibition of “Zither in Czechia, Moravia and Silesia”. In order to make it more accessible and interesting to the public and professionals we have created an archive of approximately 6 000 scores, parts and zither literature. These materials are available for use and study in the library, study room and club of the Centre.

     Our next task is to publish a monograph called “Zither in Czechia, Moravia and Silesia” this year and organize performances, workshops and advice for our old and new zither players. Michal Müller and young Bavarian players are going to perform in Ostrava’s “Steamboat” club on September 8th 2005. You should come, see and hear what they play too!

     We hope you find our work interesting. We try to follow Stanislav Kofron’s message and to keep up with his work, which he started more than twenty years ago. There are not many of us in Ostrava who try to keep zither alive. This is partly because our senior zither players are not able to take an active part due to their health situation and partly because our young students tend to leave wanting to see the world.  But we continue bringing up new ones and we hope that some of them will love zither, share and pass on the experience.

    We would be very glad if we could get and buy any materials to help us enlarging our collection from you. It would be a great opportunity for us to make the public more aware of the role zither has played in our cultural heritage.


Wishing you the best of health and good time with zither.

Yours sincerely


Jan and Eliška Folprechtovi

The Czech Zither Culture Centre


From exposition CITERARIUM